Kick-off meeting 27-28th 2023

E4Warning held its Kick-off meeting on February 27-28, 2023. The face-to-face meeting took place at CEAB-CSIC, Blanes, Spain. There the Coordinator, the WP Leaders and Co-leaders, and other researchers linked to the project, as well as the EC Officer and other guests, met. The first day was dedicated to analyzing organizational aspects and the different WPs. In each of them, the dependencies between tasks and with other WPs, possible barriers and mitigations, and the tasks to be deployed during the first year of the project were detected. On the second day, on February 28, 2023, the different case studies and work fields were introduced: both the marsh environments where field work will be carried out, to the urban environments in Europe, Brazil and Vietnam. Two parallel work sessions were held to discuss, on the one hand, the acquisition of vector and reservoir data, as well as field experiments; on the other, the different models that will be developed, the variables, covariates, spatial and temporal scales that must be covered. The day ended by sharing what was decided in these parallel sessions and the planning for 2023.


2023 13:00-13:20h Registration, Brunch 
13:20-14:00h Welcome & overview of E4Warning(Frederic Bartumeus)
14:00-14:30h Organisational aspects & KPI indicators (Alex Richter-Boix) 14:30-15:00h Implementation details (Erwin Goor)
15:00-15:30h Coffee break
15:30-15:45h Citizen Science Mosquito Surveillance (John Palmer)
15:45:16:00h Networked smart mosquito traps (João Encarnação)
16:00-16:15h Earth Observation, hydroclimate, vector suitability maps (Cedrid Marsboom)
16:15-16:30h Vector, animal, and human movement ecology (Kamran Safi)
16:30-16:45h Disease risk models in endemic settings (Rachel Lowe)
16:45-17:00h Emerging risk models in Europe (John Palmer)
17:00-17:15h Capacity building, impact & policy (Eva Veronesi)


09:00-10:00h Experimental field sites and case studies: Germany >> Kamran Safi
Switzerland >> Eleonora Flacio
Greece >> Antonios Michaelakis
Spain >> Frederic Bartumeus
Barcelona >> John Palmer
South Asia >> Quillon Harpham
Brasília >> João Encarnação
10:00-10:30h Coffee break
ROOM A Modelling (Data needs, harmonisation and data flows between tasks and WPs (data portal, Open data, temporal and spatial resolution, Earth Observation covariates, Human mobility, etc.)
ROOM B Experimental field studies (detailed implantation, fundamental ideas & deployment protocols)
13:30-15:00h Lunch
15:00-17:15h Summary A & B, planning year 1, sampling harmonisation, Chronograms & tasks