EU topic

Environmental Observations solutions contributing to meeting One Health challenges


E4Warning has been funded by the European Commission under the topic “Environmental observations solutions contributing to meeting One Health challenges“. The essence of this topic is to enhance the synergy between health data and environmental monitoring, thus supporting policies that benefit human, animal, and ecosystem health. This interdisciplinary approach encourages a comprehensive understanding of health that extends beyond humans to include animals, plants, and the wider environment.

Within this scope, the funded proposals are expected to provide integrated solutions that encapsulate the entire One Health spectrum. They should offer insights into how the degradation of ecosystems, particularly in heavily populated or intensively farmed areas, impacts the emergence and spread of diseases.

The call for proposals under this topic has a keen interest in the evolution of ecosystem barriers and how environmental data can be utilized to bolster these barriers against new diseases. It underscores the importance of reanalyzing extensive environmental data series to detect correlations with disease trends.

An integral part of the topic is the development of alert and early warning systems informed by environmental observations. Such systems are designed to notify governments and authorities about health risks associated with the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem integrity, in line with the One Health approach.

E4Warning, along with OneAquaHealth, has received funding under this theme. This indicates the projects’ alignment with the topic’s objectives of fostering a One Health perspective and enhancing policy support through the integrated use of environmental observation data.